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Mustangs Child Care

Day Care
Day Care

Newell-Fonda Mustangs Child Care

The mission of Mustangs Child Care is to provide reliable, quality child care services in an environment that nurtures and meets the needs of children and their families.

Mustangs Child Care strives to provide families of young children consistent, reliable, affordable care. We intend to supply developmentally appropriate and nurturing activities that are both child and adult initiated

Serving children 6 weeks to school age.

Daily Schedule

6:30am-7:30am - Children arrive/Open play

7:30am-7:45am - School-age, Pick-up, Pack-up, Walk to school

7:45am-8:00am - Center children pick up, Wash up, Bathroom

8:00am-8:30am - Breakfast

8:30am-10:00am - Circle time, AM Activities, Centers, Themes

10:00am-10:30am - Wash up/Bathroom, AM Snack time

10:30am-11:45am - Outside/Active play

11:45am-12:00pm - Pick up, Wash up, Bathroom

12:00pm-12:30pm - Lunch

12:30pm - 2:00pm - Story time/Rest time

2:30pm-3:30pm - Active play/Centers/Fine motor

3:30pm-3:40pm - Clean-up/Wash up/Bathroom

3:40pm-4:00pm -  PM Snack

4:00pm-5:00pm - Active play/Centers/Homework/Outside play/Clean up/Pack up

5:30pm - Center Closes


1st child under 2-infant - $3.00/Hour

2nd child under 2 years - $2.50/Hour

1st child over 2 years (2-4) - $2.50/Hour

Each addition child over 2 years - $2.00/Hour

Kindergarten-School age - $2.50/Hour

Drop-ins - $3.00/Hour






225 East 2nd Street

PO Box 297

Newell, Iowa 50568

Contact Margo Peterson at